Visviva Animation Player

Visviva Animation Player 4.0

The Visviva Animation Player creates 2D and 3D animated graphics
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Visviva Software, Inc.

Visviva Animation Player is a program used to play the contents of the animation and presentation files that were created using the Visviva Tools. With this player, you can only open two types of files. These are files with extensions .vexe and .vobj. The Visviva Animation player is also able to show 2D and 3D graphics made with the Visviva Tools for screensavers, games, and presentations.
The player is part of the Visviva Animation Tools, which include seven utilities -Object Design Tool, 3D Modeling Tool, Animation Tool, Illustration Tool, Painting Tool, Documentation Tool, and the Scripting Tool.
The download and installation processes of the Player are fast and easy. The download file size is 3 MB approximately and the installation takes only a couple of minutes.
The interface of the Animation Player 3.1 is simple and compact, and thus it is very conveniently made. The main window that opens when the program starts is divided into four columns, each showing folders and subfolders in which the specific files are located. The four columns allow the user to easily find the file or files that he/she wants to play. The prevailing colors are gray and white. This color combination does not irritate the eye and is the perfect choice for this kind of programs.
The player animations show good quality and acceptable speed, even on a low-budget computer processor and video card.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Multiple tools, convenient interface


  • Capable of playing only two types of files
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